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POINT OF VIEW: Seven Things I Betcha Didn’t Know…

Scott Band Uniform Flute

Another fun one today. Thought I’d share a few things about me you probably didn’t know (unless you’re my mother, who reads this regularly – she most likely knows all these things! *waves* Hey mom! Or Mark. Yeah, he knows all this stuff. *kiss*

So here it goes.

1. I was a band geek.
As you might have guessed from the photo above, I was in the marching band. Our sports teams were the Dorados, which was probably mildly appropriative (we didn’t talk about those kinds of things back in the mid 80’s) and we were once referred to by an opposing football team’s announcer as “The Marching Doritos!” Fondest memory – playing patty cake (official sources say it’s pat-a-cake, but I disagree, and digress) and singing “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” on the way home from one of those away games. Not like any of us band kids had ever even seen a bottle of beer…

2. My grandfather was a preacher man.
So was Mark’s. Mine was a minister at the Park Avenue Disciples of Christ Church in Tucson, Arizona (not nearly as ritzy as it sounds, sandwiched between a business park and some really old houses), and had the distinction of being one of the first preachers to open a “drive-in” church (below) on an empty patch of land next to the regular one. Sadly, the drive-in closed a few years back, and the church is now owned by a different denomination.

Park Avenue Drive-In Church

3. I used to wear Hammer pants. And parachute pants. And skinny ties.
Hey, it was the eighties. Let’s look at what you’re wearing, thirty-five years from now. If I’m not dead yet.

4. Boy were they off with this cake:

Scott Tenth Birthday

Me and sports? Yeah. Not gonna happen. And OMG, are those my Space 1999 collectible action figures????

5. I once ate vanilla ice cream with Circus Peanuts and salsa.
At Rusty Liberty’s house. Because cousins. And dares. And being stupid and young. Damn, I miss those days…

6. I competed in a mall Halloween costume in the 80’s:

Scott Tucson Mall Halloween Costume Contest

In possibly the worst Halloween costume ever. Spoiler alert – I did not win. And yes, that is a clip-on “Garfield” on my belt. Why? I have no idea. Clearly I didn’t get the gay “costume” gene – I’ve never been gifted in that area. Side note: My friends and I used to ride up and down that glass elevator in the background for hours enjoying the two floor view. What can I say? Tucson was (and still is) a small town.

7. The day I met Mark remains one of the happiest of my life.
Followed closely by every other day we’ve spent together since. We were so young and cute back then!

Happy Valentine’s Day, mio Marco!

Scott Tenth Birthday

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