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Point of View: Some More Good News


It was a good week. Mostly.

First of all, “Skythane” arrived at my doorstep in the form of a small box of print copies from Dreamspinner. I love opening boxes with my new books inside, and this one was extra special – my first novel.

And the good reviews keep coming in. 🙂

Then came the next bit of good news. My novel “Liminal Sky” was just picked up for publication in October by DSP Publications.  “Liminal Sky” is an epic sci fi tale with a number of queer characters, about the launch of mankind’s first generation ship built to travel between the stars, which might look sorta like this:

cylinder world

…but less retro.

Then the bad news. My poor hubby Mark is sick, and may not make it to the Dreamspinner Retreat with me this next weekend. Mark has been amazing and steadfast in his support of my writing career, and I was so looking forward to spending the week in Orlando with him.

So the writing gods give and the writing gods take. *sigh*

Well, time to pack. See many of you in Orlando!


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