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POINT OF VIEW: Squeeze Reading

For years, I have maintained that I simply had no time to read. My days are so tightly scheduled that I couldn’t even think about picking up a new book, let alone diving in with the intent to finish the whole damned thing.

That changed this last month. Not because I suddenly had a lot less to do. No, it was thanks to the humble porcelain toilet.


See, I figured out that do have a batch of otherwise unstructured time.

I am sorry if it offends anyone’s delicate sensibilities, but bathroom time is also the perfect reading time (as the publishers of the 7,549 Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers figured out decades ago). Generally I was just checking emails and news websites in my assorted moments on the throne, and by dedicating that time to reading, I’ve been able to finish TWO books in the last month.

And that’s not all… I also have “Waiting in Post Office Line” time, “Waiting for the Play to Start” time, and other odds and ends in which I can plunge into a story in little bits. And strung all together, that means I can actually read entire books!

I call it Squeezed-In Reading, or Squeeze Reading, for short.

Don’t think about that too hard. Seriously.

Just accept that a whole new pipeline has opened up for my reading time, and I’ve never felt more relieved that I finally get to flush my old attitudes. ๐Ÿ˜›

In any case I am reading again, and it feels really good to be clearing out my reading constipation.

So look for more reviews from me as I explore my newfound superpower!

To my author friends, how to you squeeze in time to read?

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