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Point of View: Squirrel!

Scott - Squirrel

I just spent a couple months slogging through a fourth (or was it seventeenth?) draft of one of my novels, and then jumped right into an extension of another work. After that, I have another novel to finish up.

In short, I’m working or reworking a lot of things I have worked on time and time again before. My writer brain wants something NEW!

So this week, I am sidetracking a little bit and working on a BRAND FREAKING NEW short story – something for a holiday anthology I’ve had my eye on for awhile. And you know what? It feels GOOD.

There’s something about charging into new territory as a writer that really scratches your writing itch. Oh, I know. I have other writing RESPONSIBILITIES. And yeah, I will get to them soon. But for now…


So how do y’all balance your second and third and fifteenth drafts and edits with the need to create something new?