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POINT OF VIEW: Summer Cold

summer cold - scott

Okay, so I just got back from the long-planned family reunion in Flagstaff. It was fantastic, and we took a couple extra days to explore Flagstaff and Sedona.

I planned to hit the ground writing-wise and work-wise as soon as we got home. Then things went wrong. Comcast, our internet provider, was down all morning Thursday and all morning Friday. That sucked, but hey, I figured I could live with it. We de-camped and went to Starbucks for wifi.

Then Friday night, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The dreaded Summer Cold. It’s a thing that shouldn’t exist. I mean, who gets sick in the summer?

Apparently, there’s this thing called an enterovirus – polio is one of these – that typically crop up in the summertime with many of the same symptoms as the winder rhinoviruses. Seems I picked up one of these somewhere.

I only went out for the wifi, so I totally blame Comcast for this too. If I had just been able to stay home, like I planned… *sigh*

If wishes were horses, I’d own the Kentucky Derby.

So my question for y’all today… how do you deal with it when illness and other hurdles get in your way? Do you just push on through? Do you stop writing until you feel better? If you do write, do you think the writing suffers?



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