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POINT OF VIEW: Switching Gears

Shifting Gears - pixabay

Hey all,

For the last three years, I’ve been deep in the weeds of writing not one but two sci fi trilogies – “The Oberon Cycle” (Skythane, Lander, Ithani) and “Liminal Sky” (The Stark Divide, The Rising Tide, and The Shoreless Sea). I love-love-love sci fi, but even as a reader, I would take breaks, often alternating between sci fi and fantasy to cleanse my reading palette.

And so it is with my writing.

Two months ago, about two-thirds through “The Shoreless Sea,” I took a break – well, not so much took a break as a double-time – writing both “The Shoreless Sea” and “Slow Thaw” in tandem.

“Slow Thaw” is a contemporary holiday romance novella – and it’s set in Antarctica, not in outer space. I had a ton of fun as a writer falling down research rabbit holes, and it was such a different kind of story that it also helped energize me again for “The Shoreless Sea.”

I hope you will enjoy both, though “Slow Thaw” will get here a lot quicker – December 8th. “The Shoreless Sea” will be out in October 2019.

To my writer friends – do you switch gears to keep things fresh on the writing front? Is there any method to your shifting madness? And do you write more than one thing at once, or just one project at a time?

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