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POINT OF VIEW: T-Minus Seven for My First Second

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I’m about to reach another milestone as a writer. As I put it to my Dad this evening on the phone, next Tuesday I’ll be releasing my first second book.

Let me explain.

I’m in the middle of writing not one but two trilogies – the Oberon Cycle and Liminal Sky. The second Oberon book, “Lander,” is coming out on 2/13, so it will be the first time I’ve had the second book in a series come out.

I have no idea what to expect, other than having been told that the second book never sells as well as the first one in a series.

Which I guess kinda makes sense?

And yet, here I am – writing two trilogies.

I love sci fi. I love fantasy, and I love trilogies and series… being able to go back and revisit worlds I love, again and again.

So maybe it’s not a smart move financially. And maybe I would have been better off writing single books instead, or even a loosely connected series of stories.

Maybe I’ll never make a living at this business.

But writing books like this is what I love. It makes me happy.

I hope my stories make you happy too.


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