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POINT OF VIEW: Taking a Break

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Hey all,

Welcome to the Holidaze.

I just sent off “The Shoreless Sea for beta reading, and it’s not due back until the end of the month. Once I get it off to the publisher in mid December, I won’t start on the next project until the start of the new year.

So I have that rarest thing in a writer’s life, a little brain downtime.

Not that my regular job isn’t handily filling those extra hours. But it is nice to have a bit for the creative part of my brain to reboot and refresh before the next thing.

I am still cogitating about my next project, tentatively titled Moonbase Redemption. I’ve started collecting scientific facts and interesting tidbits about the Moon, and my brain is rolling things over to decide what kind of story it will be – the tone, the plot, and the characters that will populate it. But most of that’s going on down in the unconscious brain.

Every now and then it sends up a flag to let me know it’s on to something.

To clear my head, I plan to do a little reading, spend some time with friends and family, and maybe even catch a film or two. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even do a puzzle.

I know, right? Intense.

Over the years, I’ve found that some of the best parts of writing are not the writing at all, but the thinking about writing, and the mulching of your creative brain so the ideas can grow.

So, for my writing friends… do you take breaks from your writing? What do you do to reboot? And how do you make your garden grow?

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