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POINT OF VIEW: Things That Bring Me Joy

Boba Tea

Hey all,

I’m sick of doom and gloom, war, disease, politics and sadness. So I’m falling back on an old fave – things that bring me joy.

  1. Bobba (Bubble) Tea: I’m not sure where I first discovered this delectable beverage, but I’ve always loved drinks I could chew (anyone else remember Orbitz water)? I first discovered boba in a tea shop in Portland, Oregon, and ordered the “Obama Honey” – milk, tea, honey, and boba. For those who’ve never tried it, boba are slightly sweet balls of tapioca, and it’s served with an extra large straw that lets you suck up the boba “bubbles” with your tea. I was transported the first time I tried it, and now I grab a boba whenever I have the chance.
  2. Taro Chips: Although super hard to find on the Mainland (blame Gerber Baby Food for soaking up all the supply), these chips are made from the taro root, the same vegetable the Hawaiians make poi from. Unlike poi (which tastes like wallpaper paste and is generally only enjoyed by the Hawaiians themselves), taro chips have a rich, wonderful almost buttery flavor. We lived on Kauai on the early two thousandses, and a local restaurant there used to serve a “taro patch” breakfast – a taro roll, taro hash browns, and taro pancakes – and it was to die for. Ah, I miss my island home!
  3. The Opening Music of Robotech (Season One): Something about this just fires me up. Maybe it’s the excitement of the score, or how it reminds me of my youth – a time when everything seemed possible and life was an open book. Similarly, the opening score for Enterprise also takes me to my happy place.
  4. Sinking My Hands Into the Soil: I’ve been gardening on and off since I was a teenager, when my neighbors and I bought some corn, tomatillo and green bean seeds and planted them in the side yard of my mom’s house. I still remember how good all the home-grown vegetables tasted, especially the green beans, which might as well have been an entirely different species from the canned variety. I still garden today – I’ve been nursing a new batch of tomato, pepper and zucchini seedlings in the garage since February, near a bright window. I plan to plant them next week.
  5. Spending Time With Friends: This is one of my most cherished ones, especially since the pandemic made it impossible to do face-to-face for so long. When I’m with friends, I forget all the other awfulness in our lives and in the world around us, and just live in the moment for a precious hour or two.

That’s my list – and I’ll be enjoying as many of them as I can over the next week – except the taro chips, which are next-to-impossible to find without a hefty shipping fee.

And then back to writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

What brings you joy?

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