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POINT OF VIEW: When Will It Click?

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Hey all

I’ve now been back to writing seriously for about four years. In that time, I’ve gone from zero things published to sixteen published works – including two novels launching two separate sci fi series, and I just sold the sequel to the first one.

I’m about to wrap up my online serial, “The River City Chronicles,” which I plan to release in book form in both English and Italian. And I have a bunch of other irons in the fire, including my second sequel and a group serial project.

So when is it going to happen for me? When does all ths hard work – the writing, the promotion, the networking – add up to more than the sum of its parts? Or will it?

Every author hopes for success. We want others to read our books and enjoy them. We want to sell them in decent quantities, and find our audience. We want to make enough money doing this to let us keep doing this.

I know I’ve set myself a high bar. Sci fi books don’t sell as well as contemporary romance, Or paranormal. Or western. Or [insert your favorite genre here]. And series sales tend to taper off over time. If I really wanted to make my millions, I should probably be writing contemporary shifter romance.

And yet…

Sci fi and fantasy are what I grew up reading. They are what I want to write. They make me feel alive when I’m writing. They’re what I was meant to do.

So when will it all click? When will it reach critical mass and really take off? What if it doesn’t?

All I can do is continue to write what I love, and connect, and promote, and hope to hell something catches fire.

To my writer friends – when did it click for you? Or when do you think it will?

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