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QSF Releases Our First Book


Wow – lots of news this week – today is also the launch date for “Discovery: QSF’s Second Annual Flash Fiction Contest”. This is a great little book – and I say little because none of the hundred-plus stories included are more that 300 words long.

The five contest winners are included, but there are many other great stories in here, running the gamut from sci fi to fantasy to paranormal to horror.

It’s also a fundraiser for QSF… after the great folks at Mischief Corner Books take a small cut to pay expenses, the rest goes to fund the QSF site.

Thanks to all who participated – the authors and cover designers who submitted entries, Cari Z, Beth Brock and Angel Martinez as judges, and Angel and freddy at MCB for making the book happen against all odds.

You can buy it at all these places – the eBook is 3.99, and is available from all these places, and the paperback is 9.99, available from Amazon and Mischief Corner Books (buying it from MCB brings in the most money for QSF):

Mischief Corner Books (eBook):

Mischief Corner Books (paperback):

Amazon (eBook):

Amazon (paperback):

All Romance (eBook):

Kobo (eBook):

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