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Rainbow Snippets: Ithani

rainbow snippet

First draft, and fresh-written, from the third and final book of the Oberon Cycle trilogy. Book two (“Lander”) comes out Tuesday. 🙂

Jameson scrambled away from the monstrous site that confronted them, trying to find purchase in the loose dirt of the crater.

The creature was eight feet tall and wingless. It seemed to share the same general body plan as the Ithani, with three sets of limbs and a thorax, but it was thick where they were thin, heavy where they were lithe and beautiful, and… gravid was the only word that came to mind. Its skin was a milky white shot through with iridescent colors. The moonlight glinted off it in a rainbow of color.

Xander pulled away more slowly, his eyes locked on the creature. “What the hell is it?”

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