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Repetition Gets Reviewed!

Repetition Review - QSF

Just got a great review for Repetition over at Queer Sci Fi – thanks, Maryann!

“Davis Redland has a program that can do “past-pathing.”… His new client John has an unusual request – he wants Davis to change his past to put him back into the closet. “Repetition” is a well-written tale, in a “Twilight Zone” sort of way. I’ve read several short stories by Scott Coatsworth and he always leaves me with things to think about. This one delves into the idea of changing what has already been resolved – why go back and have to fight for it all again? What could possibly go wrong?… An intriguing short story.”

Note: Repetition is no longer available as a stand-alone, but is part of the Spells & Stardust collection:

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