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Review: I Made a Reviewer Cry

Xtreme Delusions review - Love & Limitations

I made a reviewer cry (in a good way) and I’m not sorry. From Susan at Xtreme Delusions:

One story about broke me and put me back together again.

If I didn’t enjoy all of the books in this collection (but indeed I did!) there is one story that made reading it a rewarding, if heart-wrenching, experience. The Boy in the Band broke my heart in places but the story was also uplifting. It’s not exactly a romance but there are romantic elements in it. Heed the warnings listed in the blurb for most of them apply to this story.

Justin is struggling at school. He returned to high school no longer Jenny Bailor but now Justin Bailor. He is bullied and has no friends until he meets new kid Noah, even better is when he finds out that Noah is also in the band.

The story alternates between Ryan’s tale, a man who ultimately helps Justin in a big way, and Justin’s own sad story. If I say too much more it would too much of a spoiler. Suffice to say that Justin’s home life is terrible and he desperately needs someone in his corner; Ryan becomes that someone (albeit not in a romantic way).

Towards the end of this story, I was in tears and I love stories that affect me so deeply. The tears were not really sad ones because the story does end well, more like they were tears of compassion and relief at the outcome for Justin.

I can 100% recommend this anthology for this story alone and consider the other ones a nice bonus.

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