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REVIEW: The Great North – 4.5 Stars

Another great review for “The Great North“:

Review Blog: Joyfully Jay
Reviewer: Veronica4pt5stars

I really loved this tasty fantasy. There’s a bit of the supernatural here, between the Old Ones making their wishes known and Dwyn’s visions of life at time of the nuclear holocaust. It was interesting and haunting, the small snatches of our culture superimposed on this desperate landscape. I found myself charmed by the colloquialisms that survived 300 years of “Telephone” in this new oral-history society.

Dwyn and Mael are sweet and kind men who forge a new path that meshes with the indigenous cultures of yore, and build a society in harmony with the earth. I liked it lots, and wasn’t even sad that there was hardly a juicy bit of loving on the page.

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