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REVIEWS: The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide

The reviews are rolling in. πŸ™‚

Got a great five star review from Melanie at “Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words”:

“There are moments when I wept, pages of high anxiety and suspense, times when I went as limp as a noodle when momentarily the action went slack, and yes, sniffled again when it all came back together in an astonishing climax! What a wild narrative ride this was! I loved every word of it.”

Got another great four and a half star one from Pixie at “MM Good Reads”:

“This is an amazing story, the world building, the character story development which keeps you gripped as you discover what’s happening, are so fully fleshed out that you get immersed in their world, you feel for the guys as they struggle to put their world to rights and battle an evil that wants to rule with an iron grip to serve his wants and whims… I recommend this to those who love deep science fiction stories, who adore a storyline that pulls you along in its wake, who love interesting characters, who love the sheer instinct to survive, and an ending that leaves you feeling fulfilled but wondering what could be next for our intrepid survivors.”

So excited as these reviews roll in.

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