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River City Chronicles – Characters

Main Cast

Blue denotes viewpoint characters.

Ben Hammond (deadname Alice) – 35 – Trans African American author working on his first novel

Brad Weston – 30 – Caucasian man who runs the LGBT Center, former chief of staff for GOP senator, partner to Sam

Carmelina di Rosa – 55 – Caucasian woman, semi-retired, lost her husband three months ago

Daniele Amoroso – 40 – Handsome Italian suitor who is interested in Carmelina

Dave Ramos – 47 – Caucasian human resources consultant and Carmelina di Rosa’s tenant

Diego Bellei – 47 – Italian who is the chef at Ragazzi restaurant, married to Matteo Bianco.

Ella Jackson-Cucinelli – 32 – Caucasian woman recently transferred to Sacramento from Chicago

Marcos Ramirez – 39 – Hispanic web designer who works with the LGBT center, is fostering Marissa Sutton

Marissa Sutton – 17 – Caucasian bi teenager attending McClatchy high, was homeless, now living with Marcos Ramirez

Matteo Bianco – 47 – Italian who is co-owner and host at Ragazzi restaurant, married to Diego Bellei.

Sam Fuller – 23 – Young Caucasian writer, working on second novel, partner to Brad Weston

Minor Repeating Characters

Arthur di Rosa – deceased – Carmelina’s husband

Loylene Davies – friend of Carmelina’s

Max Cucinelli – Matteo and Diego’s immigration lawyer, blackmailing them

“Moms” Cucinelli – Mother to Max and Ella, transgender woman

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