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Skythane Audiobook Review – Xtreme Delusions

Just got a great review for the Skythane audiobook from Xtreme Delusions:

Skythane is not my normal type of book to read but a couple of things made me want to listen to and review it. First off, I’ve owned a copy of this book since 2018 when the author gave me a copy to review when I have time (oops). Second, I’ve enjoyed other audiobooks performed by Kevin Earlywine.

I’m kind of kicking myself for waiting so long to enjoy this story. It grabbed me from the beginning and held my attention throughout. I don’t think I can do a better job of describing the it than the blurb does. Reading science fiction isn’t something I do often so trying to write a review is hard for me. The characters were interesting and the plot well developed. The story doesn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger as many things were resolved but it definitely left me wanting to read or listen to the next book.

I already have a copy of book two, Lander, in my Kindle library but I’m holding out in the hopes that it will come out in audio. As further evidence of how much I enjoyed Skythane, when I realized I didn’t own book three, Ithani, I bought a copy.

Regarding the audiobook: Kevin Earlywine did a good job and I know I’ll be listening to more of his work.

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