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Stuff We Like #60: Elizabeth Coatsworth

It’s my turn over at the MCB blog to talk about something I like. Today I chose something rather special:


I have long wanted to be a published author. My family has a few of us – my brother Whit Honea has written a successful parenting book, and my grandmother Joyce Peterson was a prolific playwright, writing for the children at her church that she loved. But there are no other Coatsworth authors that I know of.

But there once was. There are not many Coatsworths in the world, truth be told. It’s a fairly rare name, one that passed down to me from origins in Danish royalty in the 1400s and then the English countryside in the 1600s. I’ve only recently learned more about its storied history.

My branch of the family ended up in South Dakota. Another branch, closely related to my own, ended up in Ontario, and a few months ago, I met a woman from that branch who happens to live just two blocks from me, and is my first cousin, six times removed…

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