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The Autumn Lands is Now Whispersynced!

The Autumn Lands large

Great news – The Autumn Lands, my novella published in the fall by Mischief Corner Books in the Travels Through the Scarlet Equinox anthology and as a stand-alone (my first in print) novella in January is now whispersynced. This means that if you bought it from Amazon in Kindle format, you can get the audio for just $1.99, and it will work with the eBook version. 🙂 Get it here!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

It’s Here! “The Autumn Lands” on Audio

The Autumn Lands

Woo hoo – my dear friend Vance Bastian featured my novella “The Autumn Lands” on the Campfire Podcast: Jerrith is running. Kissed by an elf, he can’t remain in his hometown of Althos any more. Not that he wanted to stay. Caspian still hasn’t figured out why he kissed Jerrith, but he’s running too. Since he was exiled from the Autumn Lands, his past has been hazy, and his future uncertain. But when a stray memory brings things into focus, the two decide to run toward something together. What they uncover will change how they see the world, and themselves, … Read more