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The One Where I Stop By Bayou Book Junkie

Bayou Book Junkie

Last year was my first at GRL in Kansas City. I was a GRL virgin and a Supporting Author, which basically meant I had a few novellas out and some other miscellaneous work. It was an amazing con for me, and Mark and I are thrilled to be returning this fall for GRL Denver.

This year is different. I’m attending as a Featured Author for the first time. It’s a choice I made with some difficulty, as I still feel like the little guy no one really knows about. Yeah, folks know me for Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink, but I’m really just beginning to make my mark as an author.

My first novel, “Skythane”, came out in February, but up until two days before the GRL 2017 slots went on sale, I had no idea if my second novel would be accepted, and I didn’t want to attempt a Featured slot with just one full-length novel to my name.

So I made myself a bargain. If the second novel was bought by the publisher, I would try things out as a Featured Author this time…

Read the whole thing here.

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