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Two Great Reviews for Myths Untold: Faery

Just in – Two new reviews of “Myths Untold: Faery”. First, a four star review from Hearts on Fire:

Hearts on FireVery well written stories and as this is book one, the stories are left with cliff hangers – so for those who don’t like those types of endings, you may want to wait until book two comes out! I’d say The Pwcca and the Persian Boy and The Changeling are my favorite stories from this collection, they both had an element of mystery and new adventures to them that appealed to me and I really wanted to keep going with both stories. The Other Side of the Chrysalis was rather heart breaking, but I hope that with how it ended, perhaps in a future story the character can find some peace! And with Through the Veil, that one could almost be a stand alone story, but you still want to know what happens to the characters after this story ends.

I quite enjoyed it, and if you are a fan of fantasy/mythology stories that are a bit darker and the more traditional telling of faerie, I believe you will enjoy this anthology.

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PrismAnd another one, a 4.25 Star review from Prism Book Alliance:

I need to preface this review by saying I have little experience with any original faery stories. Oh I know all about the tricksters and the darkness and the questionable moralities, but I have always stuck to the happier, Disney versions of the tales. This anthology was not modelled after the stories I am used to…

What a fascinating combination of science fiction, dystopian society, and fantasy. This world was dark and dangerous and great! I am so glad this anthology ended on a happier note than it started.

I loved Colton, a man trapped in a woman’s body who was given a glimpse of perfection but chose to stay as he was. And Tris brought forth new ideas and possibilities. Their soul mate bond was instant and yet they did not simply jump into bed and live HEA. They had adventures, even if they were forced upon them.

This world was so interesting. The way the author combined contemporary structures, futuristic ideas, and magical elements was very creative and well done. This was by far my favorite world in this anthology. I want more. I want to know more about the flood. I want to know more about Faery. I want to know more about those people living below the radar waiting to rise up against the horrible government. I want to know more about this coming war.

4.5 Stars

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