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Two New Reviews for Between The Lines!

Doing my happy dance!

Just got two new official reviews for “Between the Lines”. The first one is from 3 Chicks After Dark, and it’s a rave!

…The medallion is a brilliant twist on a familiar trope, adding a paranormal edge to conventional elements. I was anxious to see what would happen each time Brad wraps his hand around it, and I found myself wondering what it would be like to truly see the thoughts of people around me. Would l like it? What would they be thinking? After seeing what happens in Between the Lines, I’ve pretty much decided ignorance is bliss, although for Brad it does have a silver lining… Raring: Bad Ass Boots

See the full review here.

3 Chicks After Dark

Then there’s a five star review from Gay Media Reviews:

I loved this story, and omg if this could be true what a different world we could live in!!

Read the full review here.

Gay Media Reviews

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