POINT OF VIEW: The Fixit List

checklist - pixabay

The manuscript is written, it’s gone through my beta readers and is finalized in third-draft form. And it’s ready to go out to the publisher/agent/pitch wars/wherever. Almost. There’s still one last step I take before unleashing my work onto an eager and unsuspecting world. (side note: can someone be both eager and unsuspecting?) The fixit … Read more

POINT OF VIEW: Working the Crowd

Sac Pride QSAC Booth

We just wrapped up a warm Sacramento day at Rainbowfest – an annual LGBTQ+ festival in Lavender Heights (which strangely is very flat) – with our local author group, the “Queer Sacramento Authors’ Collective” (QSAC). I’ve learned a few things doing these kinds of events, and thought I’d share some of my tips with you … Read more