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Point of View: Rebuilding a Community After Pandemic

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Four years ago, we had a good thing going her in SacTown. Our local LGBTQ+ writer’s group – the Queer Sacramento Authors’ Collective – was almost fifty folks strong. We were doing readings at the Lavender Library four times a year, meeting in person for lunch every other month, and had an ambitious plan to put on Sacramento’s first book festival. And then Covid struck, and obliterated it all in an instant. The festival was cancelled. The readings were too, though we managed to continue them sporadically on Facebook Live, in videos that few watched. And we managed occasional zoom … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

POINT OF VIEW: We Are A Community

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A couple years ago, I was preparing for an hour-long, solo author appearance at a local bookstore to promote The River City Chronicles. I was writing down all my ideas, along with a list of the websites Mark and I have created over the last twenty years, and a common theme emerged. Community. All my life, I’ve searched for people to connect with. First as a gawky teenager, hanging out with the rest of the geeks at lunch under the gnarled old pine tree on our high school campus in Tucson. Then I looked for other writers, helping to form … Read more