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Another Myths Untold: Faery Blog Tour Stop!

Cate Ashwood

Today, Cate Ashwood host another stop for Myths Untold: Faery: Faeries are part of mythology the world over, past, present, and future. Called elves, brownies, the fae, and more, they evoke a sense of wonder and a little danger. Faery has its own rules, and humans enter at their peril. In this spirit, we bring you the first book in the Myths Untold anthology series—four stories from the land of the Fae: a homeless man in Cardiff and the luck that could destroy him; the trans man in future San Francisco who falls for an elf; the village boy who … Read more

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More Myths Untold: Faery Blog Tour Stops!

3 Chicks After Dark

The Three Chicks After Dark are hosting a stop on our blog tour today, and Skye talks about what’s on her playlist: I always hear authors talk about a specific playlist they listened to while writing. It’s both awesome and daunting. I see a list of ten to fifteen songs they listened to while writing their works, and I’m envious of such lists. Why? Because I’ve never had such lists… See the Full Post And over at Cia Nordwell’s blog, Cia interviews all four of us about the book: What was your first encounter with the Fair Folk—a story, a … Read more

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Great Review for Myths Untold: Faery!

Anna Butler

Just got an amazing review from Anna Butler for our new anthology, Myths Untold: Faery: I’ve never grown out of my love for myth and faery stories. In their purest forms, they’re primeval, subversive, eldritch, enlightening, sinister, unsafe and ultimately unknowable. When I graduated up from Grimm, it was to Warner Townsend and Dunsany both of whom have moulded my views of what Faerie is, or may be: minutely detailed, threatening worlds with their cold, inhuman and amoral peoples. Get some of that into a modern day take of faery, and I will be satisfied. Four very different authors. Four very different … Read more

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And the Myths Untold: Faery Blog Tour Gets Rolling

“Myths Untold: Faery” launched this morning, including my new story “Through the Veil“. And along with it, the blog tour is in full swing. 🙂 Over at Melanie Marshall’s Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, all four authors are talking about how we write: How do you write – are you a plotter or pantser, or both? Skye Hegyes: I’m a bit of both. With short stories and some of the novellas I’ve worked on, I can take a vague idea and run with it, writing it without planning too much. That said, novels are another story. I recently tried pantsing a … Read more

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It’s Double Release Day!

Myths Untold: Faery

When it rains, it pours. Today I have not just one but two new stories releasing. The first is my short story – Repetition – coming out in the MCB Quarterly from Mischief Corner Books: Davis plays with people’s lives, changing timelines like other men change clothes. But he always keeps his own timeline out of it by remembering his mantra: You’re not God. Never mess with your own past. Remember, you’re not God. But this time things are different – his new client is a man from Davis’s own past who wants to go back into the closet. Things … Read more

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Point of View: Here We Go Again


I am riding the crazy train again. In just two more days, I have not one but two new stories coming out – “Through the Veil” in the anthology “Myths Untold – Faery” and my story “Repetition” in the spring “MCB Quarterly”. So I am no longer an author – I am now J. Scott Coatsworth, master promoter of the works of the obscure author of the same name. Promotion is a totally different skill set from writing. As an author, we can hide away in our writer caves and forget to shower, burrowing down the rabbit hole after our … Read more

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Author Spotlight: Tam Ames

Welcome to my weekly Author Spotlight. I’ve asked a bunch of my author friends to answer a set of interview questions, and to share their latest work. Today, Tam Ames – Tam Ames is a Canadian currently living in the Middle East for her job and enjoying no snow in the winters. She has a daughter attending university and except for the day-job, is footloose and fancy free. It was the encouragement and dares of some friends that inspired her to start writing m/m romance, and she’s grateful for their continued support. Her current day-job makes writing m/m stories a … Read more

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Great Review for “The Autumn Lands” From Hearts on Fire

Thanks to Diane at Hearts on Fire for a great review of “The Autumn Lands”: “…There are so many wonderful details to this story and the characters… this is a fantasy adventure story, a love story, a story of healing and hope and I highly recommend it for fans of fantasy and romance. This is the first story I’ve read by J. Scott Coatsworth, although I have since tracked down his books and started following his blog story and look forward to reading more of his work.” *blush* Read the whole thing here: