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Five Star Review for “This Wish Tonight”

The new Mischief Corner Books anthology “This Wish Tonight” is out today, and we got our first Five Star review!

Wonderland - Multitasking Momma

Jo at Multitasking Mommas reviews the antho:

I normally don’t give a five star rating for anthologies for usually, the case is mostly a miss than a hit. Especially when the collection is so diverse despite the specific theme and there are some stories that just don’t make sense in relation to said theme. Thankfully, This Wish Tonight is only authored by three writers, two of whom I’d never read before, and one, I am more familiar with in writing style. Of course I thought, sure why not. A holiday’s not a holiday without a guaranteed holiday read, right? Well, this is not a normal holiday read. For one thing, this is TWISTED!

And for my story, Wonderland:

Second on the list is Wonderland by J. Scott Coatsworth, the author I am more familiar with. I expected the twist, and he gave it with full gusto. Now, this is a post-apocalyptic story of the first holiday after mankind’s fall to a deadly virus. No, there are no zombies, but there are a maniacally hungry pack of dogs who used to have loving homes but are now hopelessly going wild.

The main man, Zeke, he thinks he’s the only man left on the planet so goes about his days reading or going to and fro to the village to hunt and gather grocery and pharmaceutical products. He’s not bothered to clean up, for who would mind when he’s all alone? One day he opens the door and he finds a stranger who’d almost frozen on his doorstep. Being alone for so long, both Zeke and Nathan, the second man of the planet, took some time to get to know one another. It was difficult for they each had their own unique quirks and habits and…well, it’s difficult. Period. Then, there’s this third man walking and Andy is his name.

I really loved Wonderland, for there is a particular twist I suspected coming because of some foreshadowing, but couldn’t confirm until I set eyes on the written words. When I did, I grinned…oh yes, this was a great read.

Yay!!!! See the full review and guest post here.

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