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Review: Wonderland

Another review of Wonderland (in This Wish Tonight) is in – this one from Cia Nordwell:

Wonderland review

“Okay, so you have me with post-apocalyptic! That’s all I needed to know to rub my hands together and settle in to read this story with relish. It made me laugh when it was a winter storm trapping the main characters, because I was trapped at home by an ice storm. The best part of this story is that there was realism from the lack of food, to the personal grooming, to the struggle to keep some semblance of normalcy by both Nathan and Zeke. But then there’s a wrench thrown into the works… Andy. Who is he? What role does he play? I won’t give that away, but I found that a very interesting twist in the story, and I really hope that we learn more about Zeke and Nathan down the road. This story didn’t have a strong Christmas theme, but I liked the sweetness it did bring into their lives at the end.”

Thanks, Cia, for the great review! Read the whole thing hereL

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