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Great Review for Myths Untold: Faery!

Anna ButlerJust got an amazing review from Anna Butler for our new anthology, Myths Untold: Faery:

I’ve never grown out of my love for myth and faery stories. In their purest forms, they’re primeval, subversive, eldritch, enlightening, sinister, unsafe and ultimately unknowable. When I graduated up from Grimm, it was to Warner Townsend and Dunsany both of whom have moulded my views of what Faerie is, or may be: minutely detailed, threatening worlds with their cold, inhuman and amoral peoples. Get some of that into a modern day take of faery, and I will be satisfied.

Four very different authors. Four very different takes on faery. In three of the stories, Faery intersects with this world, to the danger and discomfort of mortals and fae alike. The variety of approaches is quite fascinating: Gus Li with a tale of homeless youth in present day Cardiff, Skye Hegyes with a story of  changeling set in a timeless village any Grimm reader would recognise, and J. Scott Coatsworth in a post-Apocalyptic world half-drowned in irreversible climate change and seen through the eyes of a trans man…

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