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Great Review for “The River City Chronicles”

Warren Rochelle review - River City

Warren Rochelle just posted a beautiful review of River City over at Goodreads:

In addition to being a family novel, River City is also a love story, or rather, interconnected love stories: between the various couples, between friends, between parents and children, and sometimes this love is rejected or pushed away. Love is changed and challenged by the past and its secrets. River City is also a fairy tale, in both senses of the word, as one focus of the novel is on its gay characters and their relationships, and such gay issues and themes as the often complicated and tense relationships between LGBT teenagers and their parents, transgender acceptance and transphobia, and gay foster parenting.,,,

For me, River City was a page turner and I was captivated by these people, their ups and downs, their connections and disconnections, their reconnections, and how they love each other. I was crying at the end, but not all tears come from sadness. I also want to note that while this is a queer-themed novel, I would argue it is accessible to those outside the queer community: love and family are after, all human themes.

Thanks Warren!

Read the whole thing here.

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