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Five Star Review for The Stark Divide

Just got a great five star review for “The Stark Divide” from Erin O’Quinn:

Erin O'Connor


“I cannot begin to describe the lush detail, the mind-blowing invention, the beauty and uniqueness of Coatsworth’s world. Every paragraph is rich and delicious as red velvet cake, hard and believable as “Ship’s Bone.” From the interplanetary ships that eat and breathe solar wind and space dust…to the Dragons Reach mountains and the Far Hold… this world unfolds with infinite variety.”

Wow. 🙂

See the full review here

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Kobo: https://bit.ly/2LWnSSp
DSPP (Publisher): https://bit.ly/2FgBByQ

1 thought on “Five Star Review for The Stark Divide”

  1. Hahaha. Change O’Connor to O’Quinn and I’ll let you go with a smile. Wunnerful book, a new sf fave for me, even better than Skythane. Is that possible?

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