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POINT OF VIEW: Critical Acclaim and Crickets


Hey all,

I am in the midst of the blog and review tour for “The Stark Divide,” the first book in the Liminal Sky series.

So far, the reviews are uniformly good and even amazing. No writer minds hearing how someone couldn’t put their book down. * grin *

But it all makes me wonder. Despite a huge blog and review tour (85 stops at last count) and great reviewer enthusiasm, the few indicators I can see tell me the book’s not selling as quickly as I’d like.

Part of the problem is that I only have a few metrics to judge this by – orders at the publisher and Amazon ranking in a few categories. I wish it were easier for an author whose book is with a publishing house to track their sales without waiting for a royalty statement. But that’s an issue for another time.

And yeah, I get it. It’s sci fi, and it’s queer, so I’ve limited my audience from the get-go.

And yet… I have to wonder if or when these amazing reviews will translate into book sales. And if they don’t, what else can I do next time to help ensure a book’s success (besides writing the hell out of it)?

What do y’all think? Do your reviews ever spur more sales? What else have you tried to get (and keep) the ball rolling?

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