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Point of View: In the Weeds

writer brain

It’s official. I’ve gone off the beaten path.

I had such great intentions – my book was all plotted out, and I knew exactly how it was going to go, chapter by chapter.

Then my writer brain got bored with it all.

Writer brains are fickle things. They will insist that there’s nothing there when you sit down to write at a perfectly reasonable time in mid-afternoon. Then they will wake you at midnight because a great idea has been had.

A writer’s brain will pour forth a torrent of words, making you feel really good, for once, about being a writer. Then it will step back and tell you no, sorry, that’s absolute crap.

And a writer’s brain will get bored, quickly, if it thinks the story you are writing has already been told. So go ahead – outline away, nail down the perfect plot – and then sit back in stunned amazement when your writer brain says nah, I don’t wanna do that anymore.

So yeah. I’m a bit in the weeds at the moment.

The good news? My writer brain is excited at where we are going. It gets to charge down a new, unexplored path, leaving me to clean up all the loose ends and sweep up the wrack and ruin it leaves in its path.


At least I’m writing.

So how do you deal with your crazy writer’s brain?

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