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Point of View: Taking a (Little) Break

Scott - Break

Hey all,

On Saturday, I sent “Liminal Sky”, my second novel, off to the publisher – a story that’s been in the works for three years.

Then I sat down, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath.

I have been running almost non-stop with my writing for months, as I have been struggling to finish and submit two novellas and a novel, dealing with edits for one of the novellas and an entirely separate novel, and running a blog tour too.

Suddenly, it’s all done. It’s like the clouds have cleared, and it’s blue skies all the way, baby.

In three days, Mark and I are heading off to Ecuador, and my little writer brain is rejoicing. It finally gets to take a break.

Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t one of those “I’ve had it and I’m leaving writing forever” posts. In fact, I will be working on the plots for my next two novels over the next couple of weeks while we’re gone. And I have a cover concept coming my way soon for “Skythane”.

But that’s it. It’s time to let my creative mind lay fallow and regenerate for the next planting.

In the interim, I’ll be doing something I haven’t had time to do in ages – reading! I am looking forward to catching up on a bunch of books I have backlogged in my Kindle app. As Angel likes to remind me, writers gotta read. It’s important to see what others in your field are doing, and to let their ideas help fill up your font once again.

Do you ever take writing breaks to get your writer brain back in shape? And do you have any tips for me? What works best for you to get ready for the next thing??

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