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“This Wish Tonight” Gets 4.5 Stars from Hearts on Fire

Thanks to Diane for the great review:

Hearts on Fire

I’ve said it before, I like anthologies, a great way to try new stories, new to you authors as well as read stories from your favorites!  For the holiday season 2016, Mischief Corner Books has released This Wish Tonight, which includes a science fiction, post apocalypse and contemporary take on holiday stories!  As diverse as the story genres are, I really enjoyed it, the stories are very distinct, very well done and hard to put down!

Wonderland by J. Scott Coatsworth

Zeke thinks he is the last man on earth, until he finds an almost frozen stranger outside his door, are they the only survivors and if so, what now?  The story is told from both Zeke’s point of view as well as Nathan’s, the man who finds his way to Zeke’s door.  I really enjoyed this story, it was sweet as well as impactful because while Zeke has been alone a long time, Nathan hasn’t been as alone, but with the lack of people they have encountered, they both have to rediscover people skills!  How both characters approach getting to know each other, navigating a possible friendship and how Zeke takes care of Nathan, even when he thinks he has screwed things up.  I loved it, and considering how the two men ended up where they are, the story did end on a hopeful note.

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