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POINT OF VIEW: The Calm Before the Storm

Scott - Calm

Hey all,

Tomorrow is the release day for “The Stark Divide,” the queer sci fi book that launches my Liminal Sky series.

All the preparations have been made. The Incredibly Massive Blog Tour ™ is ready to go. And I’ve done everything I can to see that the book will be a success.

Now I wait, suspended in that weird space between preparation and release, before I know if the reviewers will love it or hate it. Before I know if it will sell. Before I know if this is another step on the path to writerly success, or a dud.

I’ve kinda stacked the deck against myself, writing queer sci fi. The market is much smaller for me than for those who write queer romance, or non-queer sci fi.

And yet, it feels like this is what I was meant to write.

So I do it, and work my ass off to promote it, and hope it works.

What do you do the day before a new release? How do you stay calm? What do you tell yourself to get through the day without going crazy?

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