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“The Stark Divide” Debuts to Great Reviews!

Stark Divide Review - Scattered Thoughts

First off, a five star review from Melanie at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words:

Beautifully thought out as well as soaring on the author’s on creativity and extrapolation, don’t be surprised to feel yourself wanting to be a part of this Utopia and then beginning to fear for it when all the ugliness that killed the Earth finds it’s way to Forever.

“Easily one of the best books of 2017!”

As I said, this is only the first story in a series. I can scarcely wait for the next one to be released. I need to know where the saga goes next. You will too once this saga has you hooked as thoroughly as it does me. If you love science fiction, grab up a copy now and prepare to sink yourself into a world unlike any other. It’s incredible, thought provoking, highly imaginative, and easily one of the best books of 2017!

Also just got a 4.5 star review from MM Good Book reviews:

The world building is absolutely amazing; we get to see a new world emerging through determination and survival instincts, we get to picture through the authors words exactly what a new world for humans might be like, living inside that world… it’s just amazing.

“The world building is absolutely amazing.”

The characters each come to life, their hopes, dreams, fear, anger, desperation and shame comes through brilliantly, we are left in no doubt as to what the characters are going through.

And another five star review – this one from Wicked Faeries Tales and Reviews:

Can we talk classic science fiction? Because that is exactly what The Stark Divide reminds me of as I read it… well no I didn’t just read it, I devoured it, pretty much in one sitting.

I devoured it, pretty much in one sitting.

I grew up reading classic sci-fi and fantasy before I even discovered romance. So how I judge most books is along the lines of what my favorite elements are in a sci-fi or fantasy story. This story combined all those elements of my favorites like Pamela Sargent’s Earthseed, and especially Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Scarborough’s Ship Who Sang series.

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