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POINT OF VIEW: Too Many Projects


I did it to myself.

I set off on two series at the same time, and now I’m bouncing between them like that little ball in Pong. You know, when it gets going really really fast?

OK, so I’m probably dating myself with that reference, child of the eighties and all. LOL…

Anyhow, I am neck-deep in final beta edits on Lander, the sequel to Skythane which came out in February – if all goes well, it will be out in February 2018, followed by Ithani in February 2019.

I’m simultaneously starting on book two of my Liminal Sky series, The Rising Tide. Book One, The Stark Divide, won’t be out until October, so I’m kinda writing this one on spec, hoping the first one sells well enough to justify the second. In the meantime, I just signed off on book one’s final proof.

Oh, and did I mention I’m also wrapping up my serial tale The River City Chronicles? Or that I just wrapped my part in another serial, Mischief Corner Books’ Marionettes in the Mist? Or that I also somehow found time to polish up yet another story, Ten, and send it off for the Dreamspinner Advent calendar?

How do I keep it all straight? Spreadsheets. Miles and miles of spreadsheets.ย I’m one of those writers who isn’t happy unless he’s doing fifty things at once, but after a while, it catches up with you. I’m running this morning on about three hours of sleep today, but I figure I can always sleep when I’m dead.

Somehow I will get it all done, and keep my Xanders and Jamesons separate from my Colins, Jacksons and Anas. ๐Ÿ˜›

So to my writer friends, how do you manage multiple projects? And how do you keep from getting burned out?

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