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POINT OF VIEW: What the Hell is a GRL?


I tell folks all the time that I’m going to GRL. Inevitably, they ask “What’s a GRL”? Of course, we all know it stands for Gay Romance Literature, or GayRomLit. But that’s not the only thing it means.

So I thought I’d provide the definitive guide to some of the other GRL’s out there:

Guns, Rednecks and Leather: The premier southern BDSM club for boys who like hominy, grits, and semi-automatic weapons. Held every Fourth of July in Birmingham, Alabama. Bring your own whips.

Girl Scouts Running Liquor: A branch of the scouts smuggling booze in the dry state of Utah. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a peppermint schnapps “Girl Scout cookie”.

Gams, Rams and Lambs: An alternate German-American 4H-style club for attractive young men and women who love livestock and lederhosen.

Granny’s Risky Loans: Granny Veladona Guff’s business is supporting your business. Provided her pension check comes through on time.

Gorfing, Rimming and Larking: Three of my favorite sex terms that you probably have never heard of. OK, so maybe you know number two. 😉 Look ‘em up.

Great Rocks in Literature:  Gibraltar. Plymouth. Lobster. Pop. This tumblr brings together all the greatest rocks featured in music, print and film.

Gingkobiloba, Rosemary and Lime: The original wording to Scarborough Faire’s “parsley, sage, rosemary and time” chorus. Far more memorable, don’t you think? It’s the gingko.

So those are mine – what do you think GRL should mean?

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