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POINT OF VIEW: Writing the Blog Tour

Scott Millennium Falcon

Hey all,

One of the things that comes with being an author is promoting your work. A new release comes out, and you have tell the world about it, so hopefully a few folks will want to give it a try.

Nevermind that you’ve just read the bloody thing seventeen times in rough drafts and edits, and would sooner roll around in a bathtub full of fire ants than have to think about it or write about it again. You’re probably gonna have to do some kind of blog/review tour, and you’re gonna need to write some promotional blog posts.

So… what do you write about?

Here are a few things to try:

1) #ThrowbackThursday: People get a kick out of old photos of you, when you were still naive enough to believe that writing would bring you riches and fame. So dig into your old photo box or album, and pull out some blog tour gold. If it somehow ties into the theme or genre of your book, even better. See the example above – it’s me! It’s sci fi! It’s seventies fashion glam! How could I go wrong?

2) Inspiring Excerpt: Pick an excerpt that has a story tied to it – the bike ride you were on when the inspiration for that scene hit you. The thing your long-suffering spouse or precocious child said that made that scene click. The torrent of emotions that went into creating the scene in the first place. Give the audience a little behind the scenes dirt. They love that kinda thing. 😛

3) Create a Playlist: Were there particular songs that helped you write the book? Or songs that fit certain scenes or moods of the story? Put together a playlist of these songs and share how and why they fit. Help the audience feel your pain. Or joy.

4) The Extra Story Bit: Have any deleted scenes? These are great for sharing. “I wrote this scene and loved it, but then I cut it because it turns out my MC was wasn’t a Navy Seal after all.” Alternately, write a flash fiction piece about one of the characters that reveals a little more about them. These are fun and add value to the story.

5) The Research: Did you go on a field trip to research the story? Use any special resources online? For “Through the Veil”, I took a trip to San Francisco with the honey to see what a thirty foot rise in sea level would do to the city. It added a lot of richness and depth to the story that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Another great way to pull back the curtain.

6) The Evolving Cover: Did you have a great back and forth with your cover artist? If so, ask them if you can share it. Show the versions as they evolved, and explain the steps behind the various decisions, and any symbolism hidden in the final cover. I love doing these because they show a part of the process most folks never get to see.

Those are some of my go-to’s. Authors, what are your faves when setting up a tour?

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