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POINT OF VIEW: Writing the Blog Tour

Scott Millennium Falcon

Hey all, One of the things that comes with being an author is promoting your work. A new release comes out, and you have tell the world about it, so hopefully a few folks will want to give it a try. Nevermind that you’ve just read the bloody thing seventeen times in rough drafts and edits, and would sooner roll around in a bathtub full of fire ants than have to think about it or write about it again. You’re probably gonna have to do some kind of blog/review tour, and you’re gonna need to write some promotional blog posts. So… what … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Point of View: Writing for the Blog Tour

Scott's Eureka Moment

One of the many ways we try to get the word out about our new books is the dreaded blog tour. Don’t get me wrong – it’s wonderful how other writers and blogegrs open up their online homes to us when we have something new to share. But then comes the downside – you gotta actually write all those posts. And if you’re a prolific blog traveler like me, those posts can easily number in the twenties or thirties. Sure, you could cookie-cutter it – just take the same post and send it out to each place, making a few … Read more