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POV: Have Fun Raiding the Castle!

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Hey all,

This is one of the parts of writing that I love the most. I sent off “Ithani” to the publisher a week and a half ago, and now I am getting ready to start off on a brand new quest – writing the final book in the Liminal Sky trilogy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what I can tell you. The new book, tentatively titled “The Shifting Current,” takes place about twenty years after the close of “The Rising Tide,” which comes out on October 30th.

Many folks who knew Old Earth are now older or gone, and the world is starting to take on a flavor of its own. Something is stirring beneath the surface, and a new cast of characters, with help from a few old favorites, will have to face it, if they can get anyone else to believe them.

And a message from the past may bring many assumptions the founders of the world made into question.

Enough of a teaser?

I love starting out on new adventures, and this one in particular has me very excited, both for the new characters who are clamoring to have their voices heard, and for the world in which I get to set the story, which is slowly becoming its own fully realized place.

I have a notes file, and am laying out the bare bones of the plot. I like to have an idea where I am going, but not in so much detail that it locks me in or ruins the fun of exploration.

So a question for my fellow writers… what kind of preparation do you do when starting a new book?

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