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Point of View: Being On Brand


In just two more days, I’ll be releasing my book about indie writing, sharing everything I’ve learned over the last seven years. You can preorder Suck a Little Happy Juice here. I’ll be sharing some of my most popular columns that are now in the book to whet your appetite… Every now and then, an author should give some thought to their  “brand”—the sum total of how they are perceived in the world as an author. I had reason to do so recently because of a few unrelated events. First off, in a con panel on “going mainstream,” we discussed … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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I’ve had occasion this week to consider my author “brand”, especially the public-facing version of it that I represent via social media. This was occasioned by a few different things that happened over the weekend. First off, in a panel on going mainstream at the Rainbow Space Magic Con yesterday, we discussed authors’ social media presence, and how any agent worth their salt is going to comb your social media presence before offering to work with you. It makes sense, right? How many times have we seen old posts come back to haunt politicians, entertainers, and others years later? Even … Read more