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Point of View: Letting in the Light

Light and ladder - deposit photos

Not since the depths of the pandemic have things seemed so dark. And at least then, there was a brief (these things are always brief) feeling of unity as we faced the viral invader together. Now there are wars breaking out, senseless and savage slaughter, rapidly escalating climate change, political chaos, and, as if nature had a sense of humor, a fiery eclipse. It’s enough to throw even the strongest of us into despair. I’m not immune, either. Though I have a generally optimistic mindset, one that usually springs back quickly, even I find myself dragged down by the seemingly … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

POINT OF VIEW: The Darkness in Our Midst

Darkness - pixabay

Hey all, This has been a crazy week. My husband Mark and I run our own business creating directories for the queer community, which in turn means we get our own health care coverage on the individual market. On Friday morning, we watched in abject fear as the US government came *this close* to taking a step which, according to the Congressional Budget Office, would have increased our monthly payments by 20% a year for each of the next eight years. Despite the two GOP women who stood against the bill and John McCain’s last minute vote, we’re by no … Read more