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POV: Writing Down the Bones

Scott - Writing Down the Bones

Even authors need occasional refresher courses and inspiration. On those occasions, there’s one book I’ve had for a long time, that I like to dip into to remind me why I became a writer, and that suggests little exercises to do to train my writing muscles. It’s called “Writing Down the Bones,” by Natalie Goldberg, and it’s full of great musings on writing and things to try to free up your creative reflexes. A random selection of chapter topics: Fighting Tofu We Are Not the Poem Writers Have Good Figures Don’t Marry the Fly Blue Lipstick and a Cigarette Hanging … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

POINT OF VIEW: Too Many Damned People

povs - pixabay

I have a problem. My friend Tam Ames recently asked us to name our worst bad writing habit as a band name. I came uo with this: “Too Many People in This Damned Book.” I love writing multiple point of views. I mean, like throw it down on the bed and make crazy love to it love. When I’ve tried to write from just one, which is most often the case for a short story, I feel confined. I love to bounce a situation between two characters, and see how they handle it from each of their POV’s. I blame … Read more