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Point of View: The Wonderful, Terrible Act of Writing


I realized long ago that it’s possible to hold two entirely contradictory thoughts in your head at the same time, both of them equally valid. For instance, I can hear about a fellow author’s success – let’s say they won a contest that I also entered my own book into (and lost). I can be thrilled at their success and sad for my own loss. Both of these things are valid, and one doesn’t negate the other. That’s how it is with my relationship with writing. There’s nothing I’d rather do than be writing, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

My Top Five Excuses for Not Writing Today

scott and parsley

As writers, we all know time is not our friend. We have stories to tell, and they won’t get told if we spend all day figuring out reasons why we’re not yet ready to write. And yet about ten percent of my potential writing time goes to procrastination. So here, without further ado… hey, what the heck is an ado, anyhow? My top excuses for not writing today. 1) I Got So Much Writing Done Yesterday: So I had a great writing day yesterday. I actually exceeded my goal, so I’m way ahead of the game. I can afford to … Read more