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“The Autumn Lands” Release Day!!!!!!

The Autumn Lands

I am giddy with excitement. Today is the release date for “The Autumn Lands”, my first stand-alone print title. It’s a novella and my longest published work yet, at 35k. Cover artwork by the amazing Catherine Dair. Thanks also to Angel Marzinez, Toni Griffin, and Freddy MacKay for their great beta reads, and to Freddy especially for getting the book into print format, and for wrestling with Amazon to get the print cover right. I am so excited to share this story with you: Jerrith is running. Kissed by an elf, he can’t remain in his hometown of Althos any … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The Autumn Lands Gets a Release Date!

Autumn Lands

Great news! My latest novella, just released in November as part of the Travels Through the Scarlet Equinox anthology from Mischief Corner Books, will soon be out as a stand-alone book! The release date is January 27th, and I should have a cover reveal in the next couple weeks – the cover will be designed by the talented Catherine Dair. Woo Hoo!