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POINT OF VIEW: Just Another Manic (Covid) Monday

Monday - Deposit Photos

I’ve started to dread Mondays. After a quiet weekend, everyone wakes up Monday morning with one thing on their minds – fill Scott’s email box with inquiries, problems, announcements, and enough spam to make a Monty Python film. Add to that the unremitting dull, grinding sameness of life under lockdown – sleep, eat, rinse, repeat. And we do a LOT of rinsing, emptying the dishwasher seven times a day and wash enough clothes to string a line from here to Rome every week. Thank heaven I have a husband who does as much – and probably more – around the … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Point of View: Keeping My Sanity


OK, it’s finally over after tomorrow. Far and away the worst and most personally damaging election of my lifetime is oozing ever so slowly toward its conclusion. That it was such a terrible, mentally and emotionally exhausting election for me this year can be laid squarely at the feet of one of the two candidates, who decided facts don’t matter and insults do. Suffice it to say I have voted for the other one, the one who will protect the interests of myself, my husband, our community at large, and the country. But this post is not about the election, … Read more