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REVIEW: Livid Skies – SI Clarke

Livid Skies - SI Clarke

Genre: Sci-Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Trans, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Gay, Bisexual, Poly Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book A fresh start, a queer social liberal dream, and a planet that wants to kill you. Noble aspirations are easier said than done, though – especially when the entire planet wants to kill you. Grappling with the realities of human nature and with their batteries slowly dying, the colony’s 150 women and 10 men must overcome their differences to create a lasting community. But things aren’t always what they seem and maybe the colonists aren’t as alone as they thought… Perfect … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

POINT OF VIEW: Breaking Out of the Present

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Writing the future is hard. We’re embedded in the present. We have all this amazing tech now, but most of it will be gone in fifty years, evolved into something new. Who could have predicted some of these things fifty years ago? Sci-fi writers, that’s who. It’s what we do, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. Think about the world fifty years ago. There were no personal computers, no iphones, no facebook, no floppy disks, no emails, no post-it notes, no tik tok, and no space shuttles. The web wasn’t created until the 90’s, and text messaging started … Read more