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Review: Privilege – Bharat Krishna

Privilege - Bharat Krishna

Genre: Sci-Fi, Alternate World Get It On Amazon About The Book In this epic saga about privilege and power, Rakshan Baliga will have to choose between the American Dream…and his own. New York’s drug problem is Rakshan’s solution. Getting his hands on a super drug called WP could earn him glory, power, and a chance to win back his ex. But stealing it from the Top 1% is costly, and if Rakshan isn’t careful he’ll pay with his life. Discover how Rakshan’s journey sets off a chain of events that changes his city, his country…and the world. This OwnVoices political … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

REVIEW: Solomon’s Paradox – Kelly McClymer

Solomon's Paradox

About The Book A mother must deal with the shattering reality when science and the courts give her dead son a chance to tie up loose ends in the body of the friend who accidentally killed him. Get It On Amazon The Review Solomon’s Paradox is short – just thirty-three pages – but damn does it pack an emotional punch. McClymer calls it “Mom Sci-Fi,” but I think that sells the story short. Sure, the protagonist is a mother, but this is social sci-fi at its best, taking a fascinating idea and extrapolating it in the most personal terms. The … Read more